Object Repository

In Qtp all the objects are displayed in object repository. Object repository displays a tree of all the objects in the concurrent component or in current action or entire test. In object repository we can add new objects or we can view or modify object description of any test object.

Tackling dynamic objects

Dynamic objects are those whose properties change at runtime. For such objects it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible for QTP to recognize objects. For this QTP has a smart object identification feature. By enabling this option, QTP can identify its objects even though their properties change at runtime. For enabling this go to Tools-->Object identification on this screen tick for smart object identification.

Recognizing objects in QTP

QTP first recognizes the objects using the test object's default properties. these properties are also called as mandatory properties. If these properties are not sufficient , then assistive properties are added until a unique description is compiled. If incase no assistive properties are available, then QTP adds a special 'Ordinal Identifier'. this ordinal identifier depends on any of the 3 values: Location, Index or Creation Time. To add mandatory properties or assistive properties or to select ordinal identifier all you have to do is go to Tools-->Object Identification

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